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GPH DiffusionCloves essential oil - organic

GPH Diffusion Cloves essential oil - organic
10 ml

In the past, cloves and their essential oil were used for treating toothaches. However, due to their irritating effect on mucous membranes, this use, pure in any case, is no longer recommended. In culinary use, clove oil provides mainly mental energy and helps to enhance the body's natural resistance of the body but has to be diluted and USED SPARINGLY.

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AROMATHERAPY / Essential Oils

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Latin name: Eugenia caryophyllus

Part used: bud

Aromatic molecules: eugenol, eugenyle acetate


essential oil qualified "100% pure and natural"


Smell: a sweet, warm, herbal fragrance. Main ingredien: eugenol.


  • very powerful antibacterial with broad spectrum of action
  • antiviral and immune stimulant
  • parasiticide, vermifuge
  • fungicide
  • uterine, nervous, sexual tonic
  • teethpulp anesthetic and cauterizing
  • hypertensive

Traditional use

  • Bacterial and viral respiratory infections: acute or chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, asthmatic bronchitis, tuberculosis
  • Tropical diseases: malaria, amoebias
  • Zona herpes simplex
  • Cutaneous mycosis and parasitosis
  • Arthritis, rheumatism
  • Urinary and intestinal infections: fermentation, diarrhea, cystitis
  • Asthenia intellectual (lack of concentration) and sexual (frigidity, impotence)
  • Childbirth (facilitates)
  • Oral infections: abscess, canker sore
  • Hypotension

Recommendations for use

  • Internal use: culinary use or 2 drops of essential oil, 3 times a day, diluted (20%) in honey, olive oil or cane sugar, under the tongue for all infections and to benefit from the tonic action.
  • External use: 2 drops of essential oil + 10 drops of hazelnut vegetable oil, 3 times a day, on the area next to the target organ to be treated

Precautions for use

  • Not for use by pregnant women, for children under 3 years and by persons with allergies
  • Can be irritating for mucous membrane
  • Risk of photosensitivity (do not apply before sun exposure)

Warning :
  • The above information is taken from serious books but should only be considered as preliminary information in a discussion with your doctor or aromatherapist.
  • The vast majority of essential oils are to be used only diluted in a vegetable oil, honey or other suitable medium respecting the recommended dosages.
  • When using an essential oil for the first time on the skin, always make a test on the inner sied of the elbow to make sure it does not cause any allergic reaction.
  • As essential oils are volatile, sensible to UV radiation and inflammable at high temperature, it is imperative to store them in a tightly closed dark glass bottle and at a temperature between 5 °C and 40 °C.

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