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Urtekram, organic body care products


Urtekram, société Danish company founded in 1971, was one of the first company to produce and distribute organic products. Same as in Ecover, the environmental policy is an integral part of the (ISO 4001 certified) company's business operations from production to marketing and sales. Urtekram offers a full range of fragrance free body care products to counter the allergic phenomena. It is also heavily involved in fair trade for the supply of its raw materials.

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PictureProduct nameContentPrice (Incl. VAT)Buy nowWeight (kg)
No Perfume Deo Crystal roll-on - organicNo Perfume Deo Crystal roll-on - organic50 ml5.21 €
0.15 kg
Tea Tree Shampoo - organicTea Tree Shampoo - organic
anti-dandruff and for irritated, itchy or dry scalp
500 ml8.38 €
0.60 kg
Products 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Page 1 out of 1
No Perfume Deo Crystal roll-on - organic
5.21 €
50 ml
Tea Tree Shampoo - organic
8.38 €
500 ml